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Less dashboards.
More action.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithms, every Monday morning, your store managers discover the most important actions to take to boost their sales and focus on what matters the most: their teams and their customers.

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With us, your retail team will love Monday mornings!

Your store managers have too much talent to spend hours in front of Excel sheets. With Humanitics, let your teams focus on the most promising field actions, without wasting time in analytics and reporting!
100% customized
action plans
Our artificial intelligence algorithms carry out an individual diagnosis of each store and inform each manager of the most important sales opportunities.
Greater managerial commitment
Managers are the ones who select the most relevant actions, according to the field context and their expertise. This way, they naturally commit to the action plans to which they have contributed.
More time for what matters
Action plans are instantly available for management, saving reporting time. Operational staff remain focused on their teams and customers.
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What our clients say about us

A pragmatic approach
“Humanitics are retail and data experts with a very pragmatic approach.”
Sébastien Fayet
CEO, Lacoste France
Control over operations
"[…] a tool that allows our employees to take control of the operations."
Adrien Hiver
Omnichannel Director,
Lacoste France
Speed and simplicity
"The UX is very simple […] Implementation has been surprisingly fast."
Bachirou Salao
D2C Operations Manager, Lacoste France

Higher retail performance, thanks to data

+3% to +5%
incremental turnover from the first week of usage
20 minutes
only to elaborate the action plan of the week
of active users
every week  

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