There is a future for brick & mortar retail

Shaken by the advent of e-commerce, by epidemics and geopolitical crises, by disruptions in the global supply chain and tensions in the labor market, retail is now obliged to transform itself and take into account global limitations.

Customers expect brands to create responsible products and propose more sustainable consumption patterns: consume less but better, rent rather than buy, give a second life to products and buy second-hand...

The success of brands and retailers will depend on their ability to invest their efforts and resources in the right transformations. Today, data offers tremendous perspectives with forecasting and optimization.

Keys to Performance

Years of experience in the field and in managing retail operations have led us to identify the following success factors for retail performance.

1. Putting the Customer at the Very Core...

... and really do it! Far from wanting to prevent designers from expressing their visionary talent, a store will only be successful if it knows how to adapt to its customers. All our recommendations are based on customer profiling and optimal choices for each boutique's clientele.

2. Let the Operational Teams Focus on Customer Relations

by freeing them from tedious analysis and allowing them to spend as little time as possible on non-customer related operations

3. Predict everything that can be predicted, to better anticipate

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Lack of foresight leads to grief”. At a time when trends are accelerating and customer traffic seems to be more and more unpredictable, the predictive capabilities of algorithms greatly exceed those of analysts. It would be a shame to miss out on this.

4. Accept that all stores have specificities

in particular because they cater to different clienteles at different times

5. The future of retail performance lies in high-frequency, personalized action at scale, and therefore automation.

Our Team

Grégory Amzel
Grégory Amzel
Co-Founder and CEO

15 years of experience working for major luxury, fashion and beauty brands on retail performance. 

Ayoub Ennassiri
Ayoub Ennassiri
Co-founder and CTO

10 years of experience in software development and data science in the fintech industry. 

Frédéric Lechenault
Frédéric Lechenault
Founding Advisor

Researcher at CNRS, France
Laboratory of Physics at ENS Paris