What our clients say.


Lacoste France
Sébastien Fayet

"Humanitics are retail and data experts with a very pragmatic approach."

D2C Operations Manager

Lacoste France
Bachirou Salao

"The UX is very simple […] Implementation has been surprisingly fast."

Operations Manager

Lacoste Arena
Stéphanie Da Silva

"Adoption is great […] the staff use the solution to challenge themselves."

Omnichannel Director

Lacoste France
Adrien Hiver

"[…] a tool that allows our employees to take control of the operations."

Flagship Director

Lacoste Arena
Jean-Pierre Fernandes

"The benefits: increase in productivity, efficiency and answer faster to our clients' needs."

Stock & Maintenance Manager

Lacoste Arena
Romain Boirie

"The store performance has radically changed."

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